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Hurry Up and Wait

The sink in our bathroom needs some attention.  I've used Drano a couple of times with average results but it's still very s-l-o-w.  I'm sure that there is some ugly, vicious clog in there that consists mainly of my hair (disgusting) and a few waylaid earring backs.  And I know it needs some sort of drain intervention involving some specialized tool from Lowe's.  But because I'm a) slightly terrified of unintentionally flooding my house while attempting to fix said drain and b) too embarrassed to call my plumber, Al, for a slow drain, I leave it alone.  For a while, I was secretly hoping that it would fix itself (because that's pretty realistic).  And in the past few months I have actually thought, "Well, perhaps we'll be moving soon and the new owners of our house can deal with it."  Would anyone like a side of Denial with that?  Or perhaps a piece of Avoidance?

My sweet husband recently got a promotion (and if you haven't heard about it from me yet it's probably because I've been on my death bed did I mention I had an ear infection because I've been telling everyone within shouting distance about how we've had the plague but I digress).  We had been anticipating that his next career move would mean a physical move for us (hence my "let's sell this house because of a slow drain" idea).  But now we'll be in Seattle for a few more years. 

And we LOVE Seattle.  We have wonderful friends here and it's a great city and the summers are perfect and there are endless restaurant choices and we have a BABYSITTER.  And we've become a family here; our sons were born here.  We've even grown accustomed to the weather. 

But I love to move.  It's fun and everything is Shiny and New and it's a Big Adventure.  Moving is overflowing with possibility: who knows what God may have for me in that bright new unknown future?  I get to keep the friendships that can survive the distance and get to meet new people who think that I'm cool and haven't seen this blog or the overalls or the photos of my short haircut.  I get to be the New Girl in class.  Moving means getting out of all the ruts because suddenly I'm driving on a new road. 

For me, the real challenge is staying put.  Staying is the more difficult road.  It requires me to be intentional about seeking out new experiences and new relationships.  It means working on the relationships I have - being kinder, more transparent, more willing.  I have to muster self-discipline to Keep At It even though “It” is often a Bill Murray-less version of Groundhog Day.  I must trust God to provide opportunities for growth, change, peace; having new eyes for what's familiar takes effort. Staying also requires that I reap what I've sown.  My choices have more weight because I stay to endure their consequences.  And (spoiler alert) sometimes I make poor choices.

I have to find ways to Get Along with those who really, really irritate me (it's almost like they're doing it on PURPOSE). 

So I've turned around these thoughts in my head since we found out the news, and I've come to the conclusion that the way forward is the same regardless of locale: keep seeking, finding, TAKING the next step.  Any future is full of newness if I'm determined to see it as such: if I'm treating my life as an invitation to discovery, to beauty, to newness of life.     

So, therefore, I think I'm going to have to call Al about that sink.  Or go to Lowe's and make some employee's day by asking the dumbest questions he's ever heard.  He'll be so excited to go home and tell his family about me over dinner.  And they shall have a good old-fashioned belly laugh at my expense.  It's really like I'm doing him a favor.      

We also have a window that's out of its track, but that's another story. 

My sweet, patient friend Hope keeps ME on track (no pun intended).  Check out her blog: A Little Love Note.  This week we were supposed to write about "when it's all too much" but it was all too much so I wrote about my sink instead.